An Uncut Gem: Harper Lee's Novel, Go Set A Watchman

Reconciling the characters in Go Set A Watchman with the characters of To Kill A Mockingbird was a conscious effort that consistently pulled me out of the story. I found the dissonance between what I understood the characters to be based on the first novel, and the characters that were presented in the second novel to be a major source of discomfort because they don't truly align. There are echoes and shadows of the familiar characters within the characters in Go Set A Watchman, but at times they feel like wholly separate people.

Terrible Customer Service At Stein Optical Express: Karma Comes Through

Last March, at Stein Optical Express (a brand of Eye Care Centers of America, Inc.), I had the worst customer service experience of my life. The poor service extended from the staff at the store to the corporate customer service rep who "handled" my complaint.

With the exception of the optometrist, the staff at the store displayed incompetence, lack of problem solving skills, and condescension. The corporate customer service representative took the route of empty platitudes followed by simply ignoring my subsequent communications.

Spammers Suck (AKA: Admin Now Has To Create User Accounts)

Unfortunately, due to the a$$hat spammers, users will no longer be able to create their own accounts on PugsNet. If you would like a user account, please use the Contact Us link to request an account. Include the following information:

- Username
- Real Name (First & Last)
- Valid E-Mail Address

You will receive an e-mail from an administrator with your login information once the account has been created.

New Hardware for PugsNet! Woo-Hoo!

It's been nearly two years since my last blog entry.


It honestly doesn't feel that long, but system generated date/time stamps don't lie... Have I run out of stuff to say? Has my life been so boring that there's nothing of note to blog about? Have my fingers all been broken and I wasn't able to figure out the voice-recognition software?

No... Sadly it's been simple frustration with the performance of PugsNet. PugsNet has been running for six or so years, non-stop, on an old Pentium II, 233MHz machine with 256MB of RAM. This same machine has been running the PugsNet Exchange server and the Active Directory domain controller.

What the gun nuts could learn from the queers (and I use both of those terms affectionately)

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, especially since the open-carry advocates in Wisconsin (whom I support, just FYI) have been working harder at spreading the message that openly carrying firearms is legal here. There was that case in West Allis within the past year that was sort of their “Stonewall moment,” and this week was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, so no better time to write than now.

On my mind

It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve posted here. Not because I don’t have opinions, mind you. There were holidays and busy times and rehearsals for the show I’m in (Secrets of a Soccer Mom at the Boulevard Theatre through March 29), but let me try to catch you’n’s up on some big gay issues.

Sandy, The Best Girl Dog Ever

A little over seven years ago, Tony and Sandy came to live with us after 6 months in foster care. They were a little nervous at first we could tell, but they enjoyed the treats and the toys we had in the hosue to welcome them and on the very first night, sitting in the basement on the floor Sandy rolled over and let me pet her belly. "Yes," she seemed to say, "this is home!"

For six years we laughed at her antics, her oral fixation - she really would lick anything, including the air - her bad breath, the way she'd box Tony and leap over him to get through a door first. During walks, she insisted on smelling every blade of grass and peeing on every tree and sometimes I just wanted to choke her but she usually ended up choking her self pulling on the leash so hard. I'd just roll my eyes and mutter, "Slow down!" She loved chasing squirrels and running on walks and she and Tony never seemed to realize that they were getting old and couldn't really climb trees.

My New Nephew Trey at Thanksgiving

So, here's my little sister's new baby, Trey, at Thanksgiving.

The Fallacy of Biological Bonds

We've recently experienced a horrid happening here in the Milwaukee area. An infant boy was beaten to death and his two year-old sister has been hospitalized with injuries that speak to months of systematic abuse. The individual charged with the abuse of the children and the murder of the baby boy is their aunt who was legally their foster-mother. I won't relate the horrid story further, but if you want to hurt your heart, you can read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. The litany of the abuse these children suffered is too horrific and painful for me to recount.

Packers Rule

The Packers are better than my Bears...

Geez... That really hurt to say!

Oh, yeah... a picture of me in a Packers jersey is coming, too... GAG!

Ugh... Here's the pic:

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