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The "Biker Wave" or "Biker Salute"

On the SabMag e-mail list that I belong to, a newer member and beginning rider asked a question about the "biker salute" or "biker wave," and why bikers do it, and why do some not return the wave, and what's the proper way to do it, etc... Personally, I'm wave happy. If I spot another bike and it's safe to do so, I wave; I nod if it isn't safe to wave.

Why Wave?

Mastering Turning and Curves on a Motorcycle

While Googling an unrelated motorcycle topic (the biker "wave"), I stumbled across www.VTwinMama.com, an excellent site geared towards female bikers. I remembered coming across this site a year or so ago when Beth and I sort of half-seriously thought about maybe getting her a bike. The problem is, of course, that Beth being short means that most bikes are too tall for her. At the time I had been Googling information on motorcycle seat height, looking for one that would be low enough for Beth to flatfoot, or at the very least reach the ground, while sitting on it. VTwinMama.com has articles with advice and recommendations for short riders.

A Day At The Range

Tomorrow, Beth, Anina, and I are going to the New Berlin Police Department Shooting Range with an online shooting buddy of mine who is a firearms instructor and New Berlin Police Officer. For Beth it will be her third time shooting a handgun. For Anina it will be her first. For me, it'll be the blah-blah-blahth time, but the first with an actual instructor.

I've owned a handgun since I bought my first one out of the trunk of a car behind the pizzeria where I worked from a friend or relative of one of the cooks. That piece of crap fake, Beretta knock-off is long since gone and has been replaced twice. I now have a perfectly legal Springfield XD. In the nearly two decades of gun ownership, my handgun marksmanship skills are entirely self-taught. I'm excited to finally spend a little time with a qualified instructor.

Thank You!

Beth and I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support. The phone calls, the e-mails, the personal visits, the hugs... they all mean so much to us.

We especially would like to thank our friends who stopped by last night to bring us food, eat with us, and keep us company.

And to whoever dropped off the anonymous gift card to Pick 'n' Save to help replace the groceries that we lost in the accident, a very special thank you!

Pictures From The Accident

These are the pictures from the accident. Apparently, I was wrong and I wasn't able to speed up enough for the kid to hit us around the rear wheel. You can see from the pictures of the passenger side that Beth's door is caved in so that's apparently where he hit us. You'll also see that there's hardly a scratch on the drivers side which shows that we flipped in the air and then rolled.

April took these first images at the accident scene with Beth's camera phone.

CR-V Is Totaled, But We're Fine

Last night around five-ish, Beth and I were headed home from the grocery store. Coming through Jackson Park on the Kinnickinnic River Park Way, we stopped at the light on Forest Home Ave. There were a couple of cars and a motorcycle ahead of us. The light turned green and the vehicles ahead of us were turning left so we pulled into the lane next to them to go straight. As we're crossing Forest Home Ave, a kid on his cell phone came flying through the intersection.

Why Do Drunk Girls Want To Make Out With You After They Puke?

Recently, I had to borrow a buddy's truck to drive a drunk friend of mine home. This is the e-mail that I sent to another buddy who was out with us that evening.

The drunk girl in question is a friend which is why her name is not mentioned. Embarrassing her is not my intent; it's a funny story that's funnier in the telling than it was in real life.


I actually managed to get the exit out of her before she passed out. So I get off of the exit, pull into a gas station, and try to wake her up. Even when I get her to open her eyes for a moment, she just says "go shhtraight." Over and over again. I call Beth and have her MapQuest and Google Map the address. Google Maps strike out, but MapQuest scores! Woo-hoo! The end is in sight! I put Beth on speakerphone and start following her directions. I field a call from you somewhere in there; something about pulling out nose hairs.

My Religious Views

On one of the Web forums that I'm a member of, a thread was started asking the members what their religious background was.

One of the of the members wrote a lengthy post about being agnostic. Many of the points that he made I actually agree with, but he ended by saying that atheism is to him "presumptuous". That, of course, sparked an even lengthier reply from me enumerating my atheism.

I'm Such A Knob

On the elevator this morning, a guy wearing a really nice suit lookin' all spiffy got on with me, but didn't hit a button after I hit '6'. So I figgered he was going to Cornerstone for an interview or something. He then smiled at me and said, "how're you doin'?" and it was that kind of smile like, "hey I know you and I'm all dressed up and feelin' good about myself." So I figgered that he must be a Cornerstone person that I know.

Dan Savage On "The Great Mate Debate"

I don't always like Dan Savage's writing, at least the examples that I've seen in the Savage Love column he authors. He's often funny, but he often pushes a little too far into the realm of snarky. Snarkiness can be entertaining, but taken too far and done too often, it gets a little tired. He is, however, an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful individual who actually bothers to study and analyze topics before he comments. That scholarship, however is at times lost under the excessive layer of wit. Even when I disagree (as I do with some of his views on adoption), I still respect that his opinions are coming from a rational, well-considered thought process and not from bigotry, ignorance, or doctrine.

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