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I've been having a slight problem with the clutch on my motorcycle. Over the last few days, the clutch lever has required greater and greater travel to engage/disengage the clutch. Today on the way to work, I had to pull the lever to the hand grip to work the clutch, which was a little disconcerting on the freeway, so I posted a question about it to the Honda Sabre/Magna e-mail list e-mail list I belong to and got a bunch of good information in response.

After reading all of the excellent information that I received in response to my original question, I decided that on the way home from work I'd pop by "The Shop" (that's the garage's actual name) where they specialize in "vintage" bikes and use my newly gained knowledge from the list to bounce the issue off of Tim who owns the place and is a friend of a friend of an acquaintance who knew a guy once who knows me. I figgered that with what I got from the SabMag list, getting the firsthand observations of someone who could actually touch and see the bike would be great insight before tearing into the bike myself.

Big Screen Debut

So, here’s the thing about being a six-foot, two-inch, one-eyed Asian man who’s gone up over two hundy: you’re a GREAT bad guy.

For instance, Beth and Mark Bucher, the artistic director of the Boulevard Ensemble Studio Theatre, were sitting around one day discussing a play that Mark was directing and Beth was in and Mark says, “I still need one more actor. “I need someone who’s big, kinda intimidating looking... Hey! Is Dan available?!”

Æon Flux and Humanism

Have you ever headed into a meal or other social gathering a little more excited than usual because you have a topic that you're just bursting to talk about? That was lunch at work for me today. Beth and I watched a movie last night that we really enjoyed and I was excited to talk about it.

"So, Jon, I have another movie for you to see."

"Yeah? What?"

WOO! HOO! Frames!

Well, I'm still the worst Web designer, EVER, but I think that I've mastered frames. I still haven't mastered the art of making it aesthetically pleasing, though, so it's still as plain and ugly as my soul.

Worst Web Designer EVER

If there were ever any doubts that I'm lacking in Web authoring skills, I think that I've safely laid them to rest. I'm now officially the worst Web designer ever.

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