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V-Day in the margins

I'm not big on Valentine's Day, but not for lack of love—my baby and I have been together nearly 12 years now. Nor for cynicism about romance. I love romance in books, plays, music and movies. I think public displays of it are a bit much, such as proposals via JumboTron at sports events or a couple doing some heavy snogging in public, but I'll bite my tongue and quietly roll my eyes as others say "Awwww!" Whatever. What truly bugs me is that, besides having become "Prove your love by emptying your wallet" Day, V-Day is also "Your love will not be acknowledged" Day for same-sex couples.

I'm a believer

I finally read the Wired article on atheism some time ago, around Chrismahannukwannza, and have been composing responses ever since. It's impossible to concisely cover all the points it raises but here's a precis: Guess what? Atheists can be just as big, arrogant, judgmental, self-righteous, humorless bastards as religious fundamentalists!!!

And here's my reply: Don't piss off the faeries.

Solemnly Swearing

City of Madison officials may now add their own type of inaugural address to their oaths of office, not unlike what Current Occupant Bush does with his “signing statements.” They are either reading or signing a statement that they take the oath under protest. The reason? The state constitution’s new marriage amendment.

Bare minimum

Recently we’ve heard the familiar complaint that raising the minimum wage is bad for business. (Please note that it’s mostly those with business interests making those claims.) Sure, labor is one part of overhead costs for any business, but the problem with keeping business happy, along with the whole crux of “trickle down” economics, is that there is little guarantee of anything trickling at all. Conversely, boosting the earnings of the lowest wage-earners can really drive the economy.

People, get ready

So Wisconsin just joined the lemming states that have passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.

Again with the gay marriage thing, you might say. Your side lost. Get over it.

I know, and I will, but I DO still have a right to express disappointment that a majority of WI voters decided that our state should be more like Mississippi than Minnesota. In other news, Britney Spears has filed for divorce again, proving that the sanctity of marriage is as pure and respected as ever.

Whatever. We queers WILL have full equality in my lifetime. Just not yet.

Whatever. Ciao!

The Bush administration—and therefore most Republicans—have a new catchphrase they’re beating to death. “The war on terror” is SO over. (As an administration mantra, that is.) “Islamic fascism” is in.

Their choice of words to describe some extremely violent practitioners of Islam is ironic for a few reasons.


Regarding my 'fungoes' entry: Good recent article from the Christian Science Monitor on old anticohabitation laws--and the 1.6 MILLION Americans who are breaking them.


As one law professor quoted in the article says, "These are archaic laws which are hardly ever enforced, but they are ... often used as a weapon to degrade someone else"


Anyone else fed up with Puritanical tyrrany?

Break out the fungoes

Can I get a virtual show of hands? Who here grew up in an ideal family?

No one? Didn’t think so.

Oh sure, we might have been raised by both our mother and father, and they might even have been married to each other and still are, but IDEAL? Not in the “Ozzie and Harriet” or “Brady Bunch” sense, where no problem is too big that it can’t be solved in a half-hour (22 minutes if we don’t count commercials).

Yet it’s that version of an “ideal family” that lawmakers—and the interest groups who pull their purse strings--are trying to “protect” and “defend.” They might as well be trying to protect unicorns, since such “ideal families” are just as rare.

Room to pontificate

So all I did was ask Dan for permission to post comments, and he invited me to blog. Now the whole WWW can read the screeds that I usually just email to a select group of friends. I don't have time to post as often as I send those emails, so no worries about my taking up a lot o' space here, but in any case I should maybe introduce myself:
About me:
1. Liberal arts nerd, and college friend of Beth's.
2. Politically, in the words of the late Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL), "I'm not a neo-anything; I'm a Democrat." That said, I do think the current crop of Dems are really wussy, Russ Feingold being the exception. They need to remind the country that Thomas Jefferson was also a liberal.

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