Ophelia - May she rest in peace in reptile heaven

So, for three months now we've been pretty consumed with Sandy's health. It's been like a mini-roller coaster: will she eat? will she keep the food down if she does? will she be able to go for a walk? how much fluid do we need to give? what meds does she need? Some days are good; some aren't.

Part of the stress of Sandy being sick, of course, is wondering how Tony will react when she does finally die. The Monhollen/Pugliese household has had our fair share of worrying about pets.

But the one pet we haven't been concerned about, the one I felt sure would live another 20 years, Ophelia the Snake, died this week. We're not sure what happened, but it seems as if she got caught under her water bowl, which she regularly hides under, and somoehow managed to cut herself on it and get stuck under there.

We, sadly, didn't notice because it's the time of year when she begins to semi-hibernate. A week ago today she was moving around, had burrowed under her mulch; last Tuesday I saw her poking her head around but then I didn't notice her for the rest of the week. We turned her light on and off, gave her fresh water but didn't think anything was amiss that we didn't see more than her head poking out. That's pretty typical.

But Sunday, when I went to freshen her water, I saw that her head looked anything but typical. Scared and horrified, I called for Dan who confirmed, that yes, our poor snake had apparently died a day or two before.

He removed her body and I cleaned the cage so that he wouldn't have to. Ophelia was Dan's favorite pet: low maintenance and beautiful, quiet and undemanding she was the perfect pet. We will both miss her, but Dan especially will. She kept him company during the many hours that he sits in his office working on project management tasks, editing photos, checking emails, and listening to music.

Ophelia, thank you for being Dan's first pet and for being his INTP companion for over six years.