Packers Rule

The Packers are better than my Bears...

Geez... That really hurt to say!

Oh, yeah... a picture of me in a Packers jersey is coming, too... GAG!

Ugh... Here's the pic:

Packers Bet

Look at you! You look so handsome in a Packers jersey! Just think! You will soon be bleeding green and gold! What a proud day that will be for all Packers fans! To turn a DREADED Bears fan into a Packer fan? Absolutely fabulous! ;)


Please, Anne, that's the last thing that'll ever happen. Just wait'll the second Bears-Packers game of the season when the Bears get some redemption. You'll look great in a Bears jersey!


I will never look good in a Bears jersey! Nor will you see me in one, because the Bears will not have redemption; the Packers will kick some Bear butt again!! But nice try though! ;)