Tony's Bio - Tony's Bio

Tony is an eleven year-old, 65 pound, male Jindo. At 65 pounds he is a bit over the United Kennel Club breed standard, but is right at the top end of the "Official Jindo Island Standard". Somewhat stoic, Tony still manages to be very affectionate and will lean into any petting you give him.

Not very well leash trained at all, his incredibly high prey drive makes every walk an adventure.

A warning barker with a massive woof, Tony is a very good watchdog, when he isn't sleeping (but hey, what to do you want from an eleven year-old dog).

Unfortunately, Tony suffers from seasonal and food allergies that cause his skin to itch to the point that, during the summer, he will gnaw bald patches into his coat. A natural diet of ground up chicken necks and veggies along with salmon oil have done wonders in terms of mitigating his allergies but we haven't been able to eliminate them totally.

Also unfortunate is the fact that Tony was never properly socialized with dogs other than Sandy. This has had the affect of amplifying the Jindo's natural distrust of other dogs to the point where he will show undue aggression even on neutral territory.

He is also incredibly protective of Sandy. When we take them to the vet, he has to be able to see her if anything is being done to him. Conversely, if anything is being done to Sandy, he has to be taken out of the room.

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