Sandy's Bio - Sandy's Bio

Sandy is an eleven year-old, 35 pound, female Jindo. At thirty-five pounds, she's well within the UKC breed standard and the "Official Jindo Island Standard". Sandy is perhaps the most neurotic and skittish dog ever in the history of the world. Tremendously orally fixated, she seems bent on experiencing the world through her tongue.

While she takes her time in warming up to new people, once she does, you will not escape without a thorough tongue bath. While still being a warning barker, Sandy is far more skittish than her brother and will sound the alarm with much less provocation and continue to sound it for a while after the need has passed.

Poorly leash trained, like Tony, Sandy's prey drive matches her brother's. When Beth takes them for a walk by herself, you can imagine what ninety-some pounds of dog taking off after a squirrel will do. They can and have dragged her along the ground behind them; we have the mud-stained trench coat to prove it.  Sandy is, however, more tolerant of other dogs than her brother, though she will bristle up in a flash, even on neutral ground.

While her favorite activity is tongue-bathing the world around her, there has never been an animal more afraid of a bath than she.

Neurotic and beta in temperament, Sandy chooses little things to be dominant about like always being the first through any door, being in front during walks, and the like.

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