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Ophelia is, well... a snake. She does snake type things like, slither, sleep, bask under the heat lamp, eat mice, shed, shit, and the like. She's probably a good five and a half to six feet long and maybe two inches in diameter at her thickest point. Like any bull snake, she makes this great hissing sound when she's pissed off, which is just about anytime something is done to her. Ophelia's never struck at a person, though.

We never really intended to become snake owners, it just kinda happened. Beth was directing a play and one of necessary props was a live snake. So we purchased Ophelia with the intent of using her for the play and then giving her to the actress afterwards. Beth, however, decided that Ophelia was way cool and Pugs found Ophelia to be his favorite pet 'cause she was so low maintenance so we kept her.

For a while, before we fixed her cage's latches, Ophelia would pull a Houdini periodically and hide under the piano, in the closet in the office, or some other dark secluded spot while terrifying the dogs in the process. Her first escape was the most traumatic for the dogs. Beth came home from work to find little piles of dog shit scattered throughout the house and the snake missing. After cleaning up the shit, and making a thorough search of the house, we could find no trace of Ophelia whatsoever. Every nook and cranny, every closet and dark space was searched and searched again with no sign of Ophelia anywhere.

With the shit as evidence, we decided that Ophelia had escaped her cage and was promptly eaten by the dogs (they are hunting dogs with very high prey drives, after all). We figured that she had either upset their stomachs leading to the piles of shit or that they followed their normal pattern of shitting after a meal, only in the house since we weren't there to let them out. We figured that their guilty behaviour and slinking from room to room with their ears down and tails tucked was due to guilt borne of the crapping in the house, the eating of a fellow pet, or both. For the next few nights, their behaviour became more and more agitated, especially around bedtime. Getting them to sleep in their beds became more and more of a challenge and it got to the point where Tony tried to crawl into bed with us which is something that is expressly forbidden and he knows it.

It progressed to the point where, in the middle of the night, Pugs got fed up, grabbed them both and threw them out of the bedroom and closed the door. Beth, being the kinder and gentler one, decided to grab their bed and put that in the kitchen for them if they weren't going to be allowed in the bedroom. A shriek and a jump onto our bed later, revealed that Beth had found Ophelia, alive and well, under the dog's bed, by stepping on her.

So, basically, ninety-some combined pounds of muscle and bone, generations upon generations upon generations of genetic breeding as fearless hunting dogs got the shit scared of them, LITERALLY, by a little-bitty bull snake.

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