The Boulevard Theatre - THE pioneer in the revitalization of Bayview as well as a damned fine theatre company that has served as the launching point for the career of many of the Milwaukee theatre community's most prominent names, like Beth Monhollen. - Who knows?! The boys at work have some scheme about making money with a cool website that will somehow become a pop culture reference. I'd believe it possible if any of them had any ability to follow through with anything, but hey, you never know. On a good day, the sun will shine even on a dog's ass.


Hyungwon Kang's Jindo Dog Page - Information on Jindos, Tony's and Sandy's breed.


The Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue - This is the organization that we adopted Tony and Sandy from. Though they are a Shiba rescue group, they will foster Jindos as well since Jindos are often mistaken for Shiba mixes and there is no Jindo rescue group in the area.


The American Humanist Association - Humanism is the belief that humans are empowered to affect and make positive change in the world for themselves and others without the divine or supernatural. We can be good and moral without some deity telling us to.


The Myers-Briggs Foundation - Personality Theory is the study of human personalities in an attempt to understand each other better. From this branch of psychology, various systems or schools of thought have sprung up. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one that we are particularly fond of. - David Keirsey focuses more on the four Jungian Archetypes than other MBTI folks. - Another site with good MBTI information.


The "Personality Page" - Less polished and professional looking of a Web site, but still has good descriptions of the sixteen MBTI types.


A Cheesy Little Online MBTI Test - Don't take any results from this test seriously.


The Shop - The place to get vintage motorcycles repaired in Milwaukee.


The CompleatĀ® SabMag Links - The Web home of the Honda Sabre/Magna Owners listserv. - This is my new favorite Wacka-Doodle-Crack-Pot link. It's long and repetitive, but worth the read for such gems as: "A rib was removed from Eve and a hole left to make a woman of her. The rib was stuck on Adam to make a man of him - and Eve is still trying to get her rib back."


Wisconsin Circuit Court Access - Is that new boyfriend a felon? Is that cute girl really a psycho-nut? Want leverage to hold over your friends and family? Look up their court records on WCCA! - D'ya wanna find someone? This is the place to start. - Cool site will give you an aerial photo, tax assessment, and real estate details of any home.


Sarah The 29 Year Old Virgin's Blog - Jane Magazine is trying to help 29 year old Sarah lose her virginity and this is her blog. Funny!


Goesintight Records - Patrick Nettesheim is an incredibly talented musician, composer, performer, and instructor. His music has appeared in American Movie among dozens of others. As an instructor, he is among the best for bass, guitar, composition, and music theory.


Match Head Rockets - This is one of Patrick Nettesheim's current musical endeavors. The trio features Patrick on guitar, Mike Nettesheim on drums, and Emily Stalker on piano as they perform "Epic Chill" Nu-Jazz.