Terrible Customer Service At Stein Optical Express: Karma Comes Through

Last March, at Stein Optical Express (a brand of Eye Care Centers of America, Inc.), I had the worst customer service experience of my life. The poor service extended from the staff at the store to the corporate customer service rep who "handled" my complaint.

With the exception of the optometrist, the staff at the store displayed incompetence, lack of problem solving skills, and condescension. The corporate customer service representative took the route of empty platitudes followed by simply ignoring my subsequent communications.

What the gun nuts could learn from the queers (and I use both of those terms affectionately)

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, especially since the open-carry advocates in Wisconsin (whom I support, just FYI) have been working harder at spreading the message that openly carrying firearms is legal here. There was that case in West Allis within the past year that was sort of their “Stonewall moment,” and this week was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, so no better time to write than now.

On my mind

It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve posted here. Not because I don’t have opinions, mind you. There were holidays and busy times and rehearsals for the show I’m in (Secrets of a Soccer Mom at the Boulevard Theatre through March 29), but let me try to catch you’n’s up on some big gay issues.

WI could use some California style

June in Wisconsin was a momentous month of 100-year floods, dammed lakes disappearing, and devastation to corn, cherry, and many other crops.

June in California was joyous for same-sex couples, who for the past two weeks have been able to be legally married.

Why am I linking these events? How does $680 million sound?

That’s the estimated amount of money that California can be expected to rake in within the next 3 years if their law permitting gay marriage withstands a referendum challenge in November. That much (or more, since estimates are usually conservative) in wedding-related revenue from licenses, hotels, venues, caterers, florists, clothiers, hairdressers, photographers, musicians, and general tourism is expected to give a nice boost to California’s limp economy.

*singing* Playing! Playing With The Boys!!!!

Ah, Kenny Loggins, did you ever know that a gal in Milwaukee would be humming your dulcent tune during a two-day networking binge?

Okay, I'm going to admit this right out. I am able to make myself look attractive. By selecting the appropriate clothes (from Target as always) and actually blow-drying my hair and applying lipstick, I nearly fit in with the business world.

I can fool a bunch of these people to think not only do I fit in with the business world, but that I tend to be easier to look at than the drones and drones of middle-aged businessmen.

Solemnly Swearing

City of Madison officials may now add their own type of inaugural address to their oaths of office, not unlike what Current Occupant Bush does with his “signing statements.” They are either reading or signing a statement that they take the oath under protest. The reason? The state constitution’s new marriage amendment.

Bare minimum

Recently we’ve heard the familiar complaint that raising the minimum wage is bad for business. (Please note that it’s mostly those with business interests making those claims.) Sure, labor is one part of overhead costs for any business, but the problem with keeping business happy, along with the whole crux of “trickle down” economics, is that there is little guarantee of anything trickling at all. Conversely, boosting the earnings of the lowest wage-earners can really drive the economy.

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