What the gun nuts could learn from the queers (and I use both of those terms affectionately)

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, especially since the open-carry advocates in Wisconsin (whom I support, just FYI) have been working harder at spreading the message that openly carrying firearms is legal here. There was that case in West Allis within the past year that was sort of their “Stonewall moment,” and this week was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, so no better time to write than now.

On my mind

It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve posted here. Not because I don’t have opinions, mind you. There were holidays and busy times and rehearsals for the show I’m in (Secrets of a Soccer Mom at the Boulevard Theatre through March 29), but let me try to catch you’n’s up on some big gay issues.

The Fallacy of Biological Bonds

We've recently experienced a horrid happening here in the Milwaukee area. An infant boy was beaten to death and his two year-old sister has been hospitalized with injuries that speak to months of systematic abuse. The individual charged with the abuse of the children and the murder of the baby boy is their aunt who was legally their foster-mother. I won't relate the horrid story further, but if you want to hurt your heart, you can read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. The litany of the abuse these children suffered is too horrific and painful for me to recount.

The Price Of Oil And The Problem With Being "Green"

Several times in the last few months, I've heard people say things to the effect of, "I'm glad that oil prices are rising; it'll reduce petroleum use which will help slow pollution and global warmng, and force the development of alternative energies!"

I don't know that people realize how elitist and priveleged a viewpoint this is.

Apparently the economic damage done while the R&D into alternative energies is happening is not important.

WI could use some California style

June in Wisconsin was a momentous month of 100-year floods, dammed lakes disappearing, and devastation to corn, cherry, and many other crops.

June in California was joyous for same-sex couples, who for the past two weeks have been able to be legally married.

Why am I linking these events? How does $680 million sound?

That’s the estimated amount of money that California can be expected to rake in within the next 3 years if their law permitting gay marriage withstands a referendum challenge in November. That much (or more, since estimates are usually conservative) in wedding-related revenue from licenses, hotels, venues, caterers, florists, clothiers, hairdressers, photographers, musicians, and general tourism is expected to give a nice boost to California’s limp economy.

Gay Marriage And The California Supreme Court (a.k.a.: A Republic vs. A Democracy... The Sequel)

Today, the California Supreme Court did the right thing and ruled against the ban on same-sex marriage. They often go against the Constitution of the United States on the left coast so I'm incredibly please that they came down on the Constitutional side of this one.

One of the web forums that I belong to is a gun forum. Given the general demographic of gun-owners, the tone is often very conservative. For the most part, I'm good with that. I fall on the conservative side of the coin on many issues. I fall on the Constitutional side of the coin on every issue, though. I sometimes joke that as an atheist, The Constitution of the United States is my holy scripture.

A Thanksgiving message

I heard this today in a WUWM compilation of snippets from Thanksgiving-themed services of various faiths and denominations. Having been raised by pretty devout Catholics and attending the required weekly mass plus extraneous holy days, I was pretty glad Thanksgiving wasn’t one of them. Although it more or less started out as a feast of “Thank God we’re not dead” and therefore has a somewhat religious origin, we don’t really celebrate it as a religious holiday the way we do Christmas and Easter, which is kind of strange considering the latter two originated in pagan traditions.

Perspective And Maturity Through Service

I was reading Kathy's most recent blog entry and one sentence in particular struck me. Kathy wrote in reference to an article:

    It also—rightly—points out that we Americans are incredibly disconnected from our military and the current conflicts because others have volunteered for the job.

We are. As a group, we view the military as "not us." The military is an entity that does things that we're aware of, sometimes, but don't really affect our egocentric daily lives. Like me being all wrapped up in my "poor me, work is so rough" pity-party all last week.

Honoring Our Veterans

Last week was a rough week for me. Or at least it was a rough week at work and I brought that emotional baggage home and allowed it to make for a rough week at home as well. You know, difficulties with the client, being backed up on getting docs produced, feeling like the project is a little out of control and trying to figure out how to get it back under control. All these things added up to being cranky and antisocial at home. Beth is a saint for putting up with my moodiness.

Great need, foreign and domestic

Two sobering statistics were released this week. One is that in Iraq, an estimated 2.3 million people have been displaced by the war and occupation. The other is that here at home, over one-quarter of homeless persons are military veterans.

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