Packers Rule

The Packers are better than my Bears...

Geez... That really hurt to say!

Oh, yeah... a picture of me in a Packers jersey is coming, too... GAG!

Ugh... Here's the pic:

Ophelia - May she rest in peace in reptile heaven

So, for three months now we've been pretty consumed with Sandy's health. It's been like a mini-roller coaster: will she eat? will she keep the food down if she does? will she be able to go for a walk? how much fluid do we need to give? what meds does she need? Some days are good; some aren't.

Part of the stress of Sandy being sick, of course, is wondering how Tony will react when she does finally die. The Monhollen/Pugliese household has had our fair share of worrying about pets.

UECPC Annual Competition

My friend Tierra and I joined the Urban Ecology Center Photography Club a few months ago. We're both amateur photographers who've recently moved into the digital age and are developing our skills and trying make a go at having photography become a source of income as well as a hobby.

As I've mentioned in a previous blog entry, my "Big Brother" from the Big Brother Big Sister organization gave me my first real camera when I was a teenager and I've been trying to be a "real" photographer ever since.

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