Motorcycles And Poetry

My bike is at The Shop awaiting parts to be made whole again from being laid down last September. The anticipation is killing me. I've had motorcycle on the brain for a couple of weeks now. I think I'm gonna dress up in my motorcycle gear and wear it to bed to make myself feel better.

Please Read! Because if you don't respond in 6 seconds, boils will grow on your tookus


my name is Fritz. I suffer from a number of very rare and of course lethal illnesses, bad school- and exam-grades, extreme virginity and a deep fear of being abducted and rectally electrocuted - not necessarily by space-aliens, mind you.

And all that just because I refused to forward approx. 50 Billion f***ing chain-mails.

Chain-Mails sent to me by folks who actually believe that their forwarding such mail will really help the poor little girl in Arkansas (You probably heard of her.... The one born with a breast on her forehead?) to gather enough cash for the life-saving operation, just in time, before her parents finally decide to sell her to the traveling show, as the gypsies wont take her.

Einstein's Riddle - A Logic Puzzle

The following is a logic puzzle/game that was supposedly created by Albert Einstein. Supposedly, Einstein claimed that only 2% of the population would be able to solve it.

Personally I doubt that this came from Einstein and doubly doubt that he claimed that only 2% of the population would be able to solve it. Regardless, it is a fun mental exercise.

When you solve it, I'd rather you not post the solution as a comment on this page. That would spoil it for everyone else. If you want confirmation that you're correct, please use the Contact Us link to send me your answer.

American Idol - A Plea To Sanjaya & A Plea To Nigel Lythgoe

Dear Sanjaya,

In the name of all that is righteous and good in the world please gracefully bow out of the competition. While you have a pleasant enough voice and clearly are a better singer and performer than the vast majority of the population, you are consistently turning in the worst performance week after week and individuals who are stronger singers and more confident performers than you are being sent home.

American Idol - A Sorry State Of Affairs

Beth has informed me that my threat to boycott American Idol is toothless 'cause I've apparently made that threat every single season and never followed through on it. Oh, well.

If I were to follow through on it, this would have be the week to do it. Stephanie Edwards was eliminated from the competition last night. Sanjaya Malakar, who has not improved at all (garnered a 5 on my scoresheet this week for his painful rendition of The Kinks', You Really Got Me) and has consistently been the worst performer, didn't even make the bottom two.

American Idol - I'm This Close To A Boycott!

Last night on the American Idol results show, it was revealed that the American Idol voting viewership is indeed the stupidest, most tone-deaf, willfully ignorant group of ignoramus' ever in the history of the world. WTF is the deal with keeping Sanjaya "I'm consistently the worst performance of the evening" Malakar around? C'mon! Brandon Rogers had a weak performance (a six on my scoresheet) in part due to forgetting the words. I chalk it up to nerves as he looked scared shitless from the start.

American Idol - What The F*#%!

So, with Beth gone to Tenessee for the week, I DVR'ed American Idol for us to watch together when she got back. Yesterday, we devoted part of the afternoon to catching up.

We're in agreement with the judges that boys were a bit lackluster. The women were better overall, but Melinda Doolittle blew everyone away. I really like LaKisha Jones; that girl's got pipes! Melinda, though, is in a league above and beyond all of the other competitors. Plus, she's hot!

American Idol - A Miscarriage Of Justice

A great trave-sham-ockery took place this week. Once again, American Idol's voting viewership has proven their abject lack of musical taste and inability to look deeper than appearances. The miscarriage of justice is not so much in who was voted off, so much as it was in who was NOT voted off. Specifically, I'm referring to Antonella Barba and Sanjaya Malakar.

As Simon Cowell is fond of pointing out, though it constantly falls on tone-deaf ears, American Idol is a singing competition, or at least should be. It is not Hot-Chick Idol nor Pretty-Boy-With-Great-Hair Idol. It is a singing competition! That means that the weakest singing performances should be voted off each week. As the competition progresses, allowance might be made for people who have been strong throughout but had a single bad night, but this is not the case with Sanjaya and Antonella.

Challenging The Faith Based Intiative Program

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a story about President Bush's Faith-Based Intiative program being challenged in the United States Supreme Court by a Wisconsin woman, Anne Gaylor. The first sentence of the article identifies her as "Anne Gaylor, Wisconsin's best-known atheist <who> has fought to keep church and state separate for almost 30 years."

Punk-A$$ Kids Suck, But Good Friends Rock!

The Sunday of Anina's car being broken into, after dealing with the PO-lice and seeing Anina off heading back home, Beth and I hopped over to The Third Ward for supper. Beth'd just finished a performance and dealt with an emotionally tense situation, two things that will bring her blood sugar below where it should be for her hypoglycemic self and I was getting a bit peckish, too, so we decided on pizza as comfort food and went to Ricardo's Riverfront Pizzeria Bar & Grill.

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