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Spammers Suck (AKA: Admin Now Has To Create User Accounts)

Unfortunately, due to the a$$hat spammers, users will no longer be able to create their own accounts on PugsNet. If you would like a user account, please use the Contact Us link to request an account. Include the following information:

- Username
- Real Name (First & Last)
- Valid E-Mail Address

You will receive an e-mail from an administrator with your login information once the account has been created.

New Hardware for PugsNet! Woo-Hoo!

It's been nearly two years since my last blog entry.


It honestly doesn't feel that long, but system generated date/time stamps don't lie... Have I run out of stuff to say? Has my life been so boring that there's nothing of note to blog about? Have my fingers all been broken and I wasn't able to figure out the voice-recognition software?

No... Sadly it's been simple frustration with the performance of PugsNet. PugsNet has been running for six or so years, non-stop, on an old Pentium II, 233MHz machine with 256MB of RAM. This same machine has been running the PugsNet Exchange server and the Active Directory domain controller.


The Boulevard Theatre - THE pioneer in the revitalization of Bayview as well as a damned fine theatre company that has served as the launching point for the career of many of the Milwaukee theatre community's most prominent names, like Beth Monhollen. - Who knows?! The boys at work have some scheme about making money with a cool website that will somehow become a pop culture reference. I'd believe it possible if any of them had any ability to follow through with anything, but hey, you never know. On a good day, the sun will shine even on a dog's ass.


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