Packers Rule

The Packers are better than my Bears...

Geez... That really hurt to say!

Oh, yeah... a picture of me in a Packers jersey is coming, too... GAG!

Ugh... Here's the pic:

Vexed At Rex

A buddy of mine who suffered through three Denver Bronco Super Bowl losses in the late Eighties once told me that when your team loses, you almost wish they hadn't even made it that far. He said that to make it that far and fall short is just like that nauseous feeling you get after a solid shot to the testicles.

I'm an angrier person than Jon, apparently. I get nailed in the nads and I feel like breaking someone, not nausea. Last night watching my Chicago Bears lose 29-17 to the Indianapolis Colts was an exercise in anger management. As the game progressed from that incredible emotional high of Devin Hester's 92 yard TD return of the opening kick-off and Chris Harris picking off a Peyton Manning pass on Indy's opening drive, to that sinking, anxiety-ridden feeling whenever Chicago's offense was on the field, my ire solidified and settled on a single point: Rex Grossman.

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