A Busy Weekend

Reading back through this, I probably should have broken this into several blog entries, but my lunch break is almost over and I'm lazy.

This weekend was a busy one with Beth taking Sandy to the vet, photo-shootus-interruptus, a trip to the range, the UFC and Baby Baier, standing up my favorite stylist, and Beth putting in twelve hours of work on Sunday while I took Rocinante for a ride and forgot to do the laundry.

UFC 75 - A Scoring Travesty, But Not A "Fix"

Saturday night's UFC event, UFC 75 - Champion vs. Champion, was a mixed bag of really good fights, a disappointment, and an exercise in horribly botched scoring.

The event entire event was overshadowed by the split decision in favor of Michael "The Count" Bisping. To call it a contraversial decision is akin to calling Katrina a Summer shower.

Matt "The Hammer" Hamill's vastly improved stand-up striking and constant, aggressive forward movement completely neutralized Bisping's supposed striking advantage. In the clinch, Hamill showed himself to be the stronger, more dominant grappler and established his dirty-boxing as the decided edge in close (you gotta love the schoolyard style front headlock and uppercuts!).

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