A Busy Weekend

Reading back through this, I probably should have broken this into several blog entries, but my lunch break is almost over and I'm lazy.

This weekend was a busy one with Beth taking Sandy to the vet, photo-shootus-interruptus, a trip to the range, the UFC and Baby Baier, standing up my favorite stylist, and Beth putting in twelve hours of work on Sunday while I took Rocinante for a ride and forgot to do the laundry.

First Timers At The Range

Note: In reading through this, I realized that pictures would greatly help in some portions. When I can find the time, I'll add visual aids.

How did all of you celebrate the Fourth?

I spent the long weekend going to Chicago to celebrate my mother's and brother-in-law's birthdays; going to a "Redneck Party"; hanging out on Shemagne's veranda; and spending Sunday morning/afternoon going over gun-safety and putting holes in paper at the Range with Ruth, Kathy, Shemagne, and Beth. Beth has, of course, been shooting before, but for the other three, it was their first time.

Handgun Grip And Stance

Recently, in trying to give advice on grip and stance technique for handguns, I posted this on a web forum that I belong to.

I'm not an instructor and I definitely have some bad habits. On that same forum, it was pointed out to me that I should flex my knees more and put more of my weight forward to help control recoil and muzzle rise. I've also been told to keep my feet squared off and not staggered.

A Day At The Range

Tomorrow, Beth, Anina, and I are going to the New Berlin Police Department Shooting Range with an online shooting buddy of mine who is a firearms instructor and New Berlin Police Officer. For Beth it will be her third time shooting a handgun. For Anina it will be her first. For me, it'll be the blah-blah-blahth time, but the first with an actual instructor.

I've owned a handgun since I bought my first one out of the trunk of a car behind the pizzeria where I worked from a friend or relative of one of the cooks. That piece of crap fake, Beretta knock-off is long since gone and has been replaced twice. I now have a perfectly legal Springfield XD. In the nearly two decades of gun ownership, my handgun marksmanship skills are entirely self-taught. I'm excited to finally spend a little time with a qualified instructor.

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