Terrible Customer Service At Stein Optical Express: Karma Comes Through

Last March, at Stein Optical Express (a brand of Eye Care Centers of America, Inc.), I had the worst customer service experience of my life. The poor service extended from the staff at the store to the corporate customer service rep who "handled" my complaint.

With the exception of the optometrist, the staff at the store displayed incompetence, lack of problem solving skills, and condescension. The corporate customer service representative took the route of empty platitudes followed by simply ignoring my subsequent communications.

What the gun nuts could learn from the queers (and I use both of those terms affectionately)

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, especially since the open-carry advocates in Wisconsin (whom I support, just FYI) have been working harder at spreading the message that openly carrying firearms is legal here. There was that case in West Allis within the past year that was sort of their “Stonewall moment,” and this week was the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, so no better time to write than now.

My New Year's Resolution: to be fat and lazy

I have no New Year's resolutions consciously made, but it's clear that if actions dictate who we are, 2008 will be the year of fat and lazy for me.

In the second part of the Door County adventure my stomach was permanently distended with sweets, salts, meat, starches, etc...

Last night I ate 1.5 lbs. of steak in one sitting.

This morning I'm systematically eating everything in the house. It's my "post-steak" hangover. After polishing off a jar of Spanish olives, two cheese filled brats and some toast, I'm on the prowl for me. The cats don't like the way I'm looking at them.

Why is Stacey Angry?: The definitive self-analysis

I'm an angry person. Just generally... I tend to be an angry person. Why?

Why did I kick the shit out of men who looked at me sideways. Why do I have a hard time letting things go when I see that they are injust or simply 'not right.'

You could say that I have anger issues that ebb in and out of control. That would be the general psychological way of wrapping it up in a nice bow. AND that bow might have a point, but I don't think that psychology can wrap everyone in a nice bow... heck, that's why I ditched out and have an unused degree. But being the over-analyzer I am AND having the unused degree, I tend of analyze myself... constantly.

NERD FEST 2007 (Part I-the boring business part)

What a difference a year makes.

This year was much more positive. This is probably due to my feeling more confident, learned in technology and also just accepting the fact that being a minority and being treated accordingly is going to be a fact for quite a while.

The positives: I learned a GREAT deal and the networking and sharing of best practices was inspiring, especially as I was feeling EXTREMELY burned out and beaten at work. I needed to see what *could* be to motivate me to get there.

Time Flies

Eight sounds like such a small number in the grand scheme of things. It's not a very long time, really. But holy crap can a lot happen in eight years! Like a person can go through 4 jobs and numerous theater productions, cement friendships while losing others. Get married, buy a house, get a couple of dogs. Blink and eight years and a plethora of experiences have gone by. It's enough to make you say, "Holy crap! Where's my life going?"

Please Read! Because if you don't respond in 6 seconds, boils will grow on your tookus


my name is Fritz. I suffer from a number of very rare and of course lethal illnesses, bad school- and exam-grades, extreme virginity and a deep fear of being abducted and rectally electrocuted - not necessarily by space-aliens, mind you.

And all that just because I refused to forward approx. 50 Billion f***ing chain-mails.

Chain-Mails sent to me by folks who actually believe that their forwarding such mail will really help the poor little girl in Arkansas (You probably heard of her.... The one born with a breast on her forehead?) to gather enough cash for the life-saving operation, just in time, before her parents finally decide to sell her to the traveling show, as the gypsies wont take her.

Blerg, Blag, Blog

I have a blog.


I should write about stuff going on.

My head is full with business practices right now, trying to step up my professional performance and anticipating needs on all angles. I'm trying to read through three "Best Practices" books, revising my warddrobe and bracing myself for my next step as an employee.

Shortly, I will be replaced at this company and made Chief of Operations. What does a COO do? I have no friggin' idea but I know there are lots of things I want to accomplish but cannot due to the daily activities that freeze me in my tracks.

Supervision is becoming a large part of my work life which is interesting and fascinatin and stressful. I'm starting to see why certain supervisors made decisions I was unhappy with. I hope I retain both perspectives and become an effective supervisor. I'm not afraid to make unpopular decisions, but I do want to make respectable decisions.

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