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It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve posted here. Not because I don’t have opinions, mind you. There were holidays and busy times and rehearsals for the show I’m in (Secrets of a Soccer Mom at the Boulevard Theatre through March 29), but let me try to catch you’n’s up on some big gay issues.

The Price Of Oil And The Problem With Being "Green"

Several times in the last few months, I've heard people say things to the effect of, "I'm glad that oil prices are rising; it'll reduce petroleum use which will help slow pollution and global warmng, and force the development of alternative energies!"

I don't know that people realize how elitist and priveleged a viewpoint this is.

Apparently the economic damage done while the R&D into alternative energies is happening is not important.

Gay Marriage And The California Supreme Court (a.k.a.: A Republic vs. A Democracy... The Sequel)

Today, the California Supreme Court did the right thing and ruled against the ban on same-sex marriage. They often go against the Constitution of the United States on the left coast so I'm incredibly please that they came down on the Constitutional side of this one.

One of the web forums that I belong to is a gun forum. Given the general demographic of gun-owners, the tone is often very conservative. For the most part, I'm good with that. I fall on the conservative side of the coin on many issues. I fall on the Constitutional side of the coin on every issue, though. I sometimes joke that as an atheist, The Constitution of the United States is my holy scripture.

Great need, foreign and domestic

Two sobering statistics were released this week. One is that in Iraq, an estimated 2.3 million people have been displaced by the war and occupation. The other is that here at home, over one-quarter of homeless persons are military veterans.

The wage—and revenue--of sin (taxes)

I could title this “From the folks who brought you alcohol prohibition….” That is, your guvvmint.

Friday’s (Sept. 7) Wall Street Journal had an interesting editorial regarding municipal and state taxes on cigarettes. Those that have them already, and base their budgets partly on that revenue, are seeing income that falls short of the budget projections. People aren’t polluting their lungs enough, and thus whatever programs for which the government uses the money go underfunded.

The word is not the thing?

A follow up to my “Bueller?” post:

Last night six of the Democratic presidential candidates participated in a forum hosted by the glbt advocacy group The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and each had 15 minutes to field questions on issues important to the glbt community. Obama was up first, and the very first question was the one I posed in my post: Why should the church have any say in what constitutes legal marriage?

Anybody? Bueller?

CNN.com has a special section posted (www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/lgbt.america/) that covers issues pertaining to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) people. The comments emailed in from around the country make interesting reading and show a wide variety of opinions. And, because certain politicos and their puppetmaster religious leaders have made gay marriage an issue in the past 2 major elections, the section also has a rundown of where the major presidential candidates stand. That's interesting too, but a bit predictable. Only the true longshots—oh, let's face it, calling them longshots is generous—support full gay marriage. The rest are "civil union" fence-riders or against it.

Dan Savage On "The Great Mate Debate"

I don't always like Dan Savage's writing, at least the examples that I've seen in the Savage Love column he authors. He's often funny, but he often pushes a little too far into the realm of snarky. Snarkiness can be entertaining, but taken too far and done too often, it gets a little tired. He is, however, an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful individual who actually bothers to study and analyze topics before he comments. That scholarship, however is at times lost under the excessive layer of wit. Even when I disagree (as I do with some of his views on adoption), I still respect that his opinions are coming from a rational, well-considered thought process and not from bigotry, ignorance, or doctrine.

Gun Control Issues In The Aftermath Of The Virgina Tech Tragedy

What happened at Virgina Tech last week hurts my heart and my head.

For the survivors and the victim's families, I can only hope that they are able to find some sort of peace and reckoning eventually. Loss, mourning, survivor's guilt, post-traumatic stress, are all difficult and powerful things to work through and I wish fervently that those directly affected by this travesty can find their way safely through these issues and that they receive any aid they need as they do so.

Challenging The Faith Based Intiative Program

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a story about President Bush's Faith-Based Intiative program being challenged in the United States Supreme Court by a Wisconsin woman, Anne Gaylor. The first sentence of the article identifies her as "Anne Gaylor, Wisconsin's best-known atheist <who> has fought to keep church and state separate for almost 30 years."

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