Sandy, The Best Girl Dog Ever

A little over seven years ago, Tony and Sandy came to live with us after 6 months in foster care. They were a little nervous at first we could tell, but they enjoyed the treats and the toys we had in the hosue to welcome them and on the very first night, sitting in the basement on the floor Sandy rolled over and let me pet her belly. "Yes," she seemed to say, "this is home!"

For six years we laughed at her antics, her oral fixation - she really would lick anything, including the air - her bad breath, the way she'd box Tony and leap over him to get through a door first. During walks, she insisted on smelling every blade of grass and peeing on every tree and sometimes I just wanted to choke her but she usually ended up choking her self pulling on the leash so hard. I'd just roll my eyes and mutter, "Slow down!" She loved chasing squirrels and running on walks and she and Tony never seemed to realize that they were getting old and couldn't really climb trees.

My New Nephew Trey at Thanksgiving

So, here's my little sister's new baby, Trey, at Thanksgiving.

Ophelia - May she rest in peace in reptile heaven

So, for three months now we've been pretty consumed with Sandy's health. It's been like a mini-roller coaster: will she eat? will she keep the food down if she does? will she be able to go for a walk? how much fluid do we need to give? what meds does she need? Some days are good; some aren't.

Part of the stress of Sandy being sick, of course, is wondering how Tony will react when she does finally die. The Monhollen/Pugliese household has had our fair share of worrying about pets.

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