A Busy Weekend

Reading back through this, I probably should have broken this into several blog entries, but my lunch break is almost over and I'm lazy.

This weekend was a busy one with Beth taking Sandy to the vet, photo-shootus-interruptus, a trip to the range, the UFC and Baby Baier, standing up my favorite stylist, and Beth putting in twelve hours of work on Sunday while I took Rocinante for a ride and forgot to do the laundry.

Motorcycle Hand Signs - Not To Be Confused With Waving

The following is a list of handsigns that motorcyclists use to communicate with each other while riding, especially in larger groups. In large groups, the leader will give a hand sign and everyone repeats it to make sure that everyone sees it as the person riding drag may not be able to see the leader.

Start Engines - left hand in the air with the index finger waved in a circle.

The "Biker Wave" or "Biker Salute"

On the SabMag e-mail list that I belong to, a newer member and beginning rider asked a question about the "biker salute" or "biker wave," and why bikers do it, and why do some not return the wave, and what's the proper way to do it, etc... Personally, I'm wave happy. If I spot another bike and it's safe to do so, I wave; I nod if it isn't safe to wave.

Why Wave?

Mastering Turning and Curves on a Motorcycle

While Googling an unrelated motorcycle topic (the biker "wave"), I stumbled across, an excellent site geared towards female bikers. I remembered coming across this site a year or so ago when Beth and I sort of half-seriously thought about maybe getting her a bike. The problem is, of course, that Beth being short means that most bikes are too tall for her. At the time I had been Googling information on motorcycle seat height, looking for one that would be low enough for Beth to flatfoot, or at the very least reach the ground, while sitting on it. has articles with advice and recommendations for short riders.

Motorcycles And Poetry

My bike is at The Shop awaiting parts to be made whole again from being laid down last September. The anticipation is killing me. I've had motorcycle on the brain for a couple of weeks now. I think I'm gonna dress up in my motorcycle gear and wear it to bed to make myself feel better.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

Okay, for the last fifteen years or so since I learned how to ride a motorcycle, I've had two learner's permits that I've renewed a total of six times (in Wisconsin, you can renew a learner's permit three times, I've no idea why they issued the second one, unless their records expired in the ten or so years in between them). Since the second permit was due to expire soon, I bit the bullet and made an appointment to take the road test.

So yesterday, which was a crap ass, rainy, dreary day, I put the rain-proof liners in my motorcycle jacket and pants, geared up and rode my ass from Milwaukee (where I live) 80+ miles West to Madison (the only location in Wisconsin that had an opening for the road test). Someone on the SabMag mailing list said that whatever rain gets through your gear puddles in your crotch and he wasn't lying. I had a case of cold wet nuts for most of the trip.

The Shop

I've been having a slight problem with the clutch on my motorcycle. Over the last few days, the clutch lever has required greater and greater travel to engage/disengage the clutch. Today on the way to work, I had to pull the lever to the hand grip to work the clutch, which was a little disconcerting on the freeway, so I posted a question about it to the Honda Sabre/Magna e-mail list e-mail list I belong to and got a bunch of good information in response.

After reading all of the excellent information that I received in response to my original question, I decided that on the way home from work I'd pop by "The Shop" (that's the garage's actual name) where they specialize in "vintage" bikes and use my newly gained knowledge from the list to bounce the issue off of Tim who owns the place and is a friend of a friend of an acquaintance who knew a guy once who knows me. I figgered that with what I got from the SabMag list, getting the firsthand observations of someone who could actually touch and see the bike would be great insight before tearing into the bike myself.

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